7 Tips to get the Best Results from Your Transcription Service

As medical transcriptionists, we play an important role in the healthcare process. We are transcribing the notes that will become a part of the patient’s file, which means accuracy is critical.

Medical transcriptionist at workWhether you’re in the healthcare field or using transcription services for another reason, these tips will help you get the best results from your transcription service:

  • Enunciate clearly. Poor diction is the number one reason for errors in transcription. If you mumble, slur words or drop syllables, it forces us to ask you for clarification.
  • Speak at a normal, steady cadence. We know you’re rushed, but if you speak too fast, we may not be able to understand what you’re saying.
  • Avoid dictating while in your car on a cell phone. Road noise and poor cell connections can make it difficult for us to understand what you’re saying.
  • Avoid dictating from the nurses’ station or similar locations in your office or the hospital. Background noise and intercom announcements can drown out your voice and keep us from understanding you.
  • Identify the patient and include the chart number and date in your dictation. Double-check to be sure you’ve given us the correct patient information.
  • Medical transcriptionist at work in Winter ParkGive us a copy of your patient schedule. When we see your schedule, it’s easier for us to correctly match the transcription to the patient, and we don’t have to guess at how names are spelled.
  • Use templates. If you dictate the same information on a regular basis, create templates and give them to us to keep on file. Then when you’re dictating, you just have to note which template should be inserted at what point, and the transcriptionist can simply copy and paste the text. That assures accuracy, saves time and reduces costs.
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